Pench Tiger Safari

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50 + Bengal Tigers

Pench tiger reserve is home to more than 50 Bengal tigers

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40 + Indian Leopards

Pench national park is where more than 40 Indian leopards roams the jungle

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Pench Wolf Safari

A part of Pench is dedicated to the Indian wolves that can be explored at night

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39 Mammal Species

Pench jungle safari offers you a chance to spot any of the 39 mammal species

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210 Species of Birds

Pench is a paradise for bird lovers and photo graphers as there are 210 birds in it

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Affordable Packages

Enjoy an amazing wildlife in Pench with our affordable packages

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Pench Night Safari

Night Safari

Pench Wildlife Tour Packages

Here are some Pench wildlife tour packages to make your trip exciting and memorable!

Pench Weekend Tour

1 Nights / 2 Days

Pench Weekend Tour 

Enjoy a terrific weekend in Pench with our specifically designed 1 Night 2 Days packages, which are ideal for individuals who do not want to disrupt their hectic weekdays.

Pench Safari Tour

2 Nights / 3 Days

Pench Safari Tour 

Have an economical tiger safari with our budget trip package, which guarantees a superb safari experience without compromising safety and cleanliness.

Pench Honeymoon Tour

3 Nights / 4 Days

Pench Honeymoon Tour

Enjoy an exciting honeymoon in Pench, which will provide you with a pleasant environment, romantic weather, a sweet stay, and the thrill of seeing tigers with your partner.

Kanha Pench Safari

5 Nights / 6 Days

Pench & Kanha Tour

Enjoy a terrific weekend in Pench with our specifically designed 1 Night 2 Days packages,

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"Don't let this chance slip through your fingers, seize the opportunity to witness the unfiltered, untamed beauty of Pench Tiger Reserve and its Royal Bengal Tigers. This is your moment to secure your spot and be part of an incredible adventure that will immerse you in the inspiring and breathtaking world of Pench.

Pench Tiger Reserve

Explore the details below about Pench tiger reserve and the adventure that you will have there

About Pench Tiger Reserve

The crystal clear Pench river that flows amid the beautiful meadows inspired the name of this tiger sanctuary. It descends from north to south, dividing the Pench Tiger Reserve into equal halves eastern and western.

Pench in Summer

Pench can be visited in all the three seasons of winter, summer, and monsoon. All the zones are open in winter and summer season. However, only buffer zones are open during the monsoon.

Birding in Pench

Birds are the amazing creatures of Pench National Park who enhance the beauty of the woods and sky. The birds also contribute a lovely tune that serves as pleasant background music as you explore the Pench Tiger Reserve.

pench zones

Pench Safari Zones

3 Core & 6 Buffer Zones

The Pench Tiger Reserve has nine safari gates. Three of them constitute core zones, while the other six comprise buffer zones.

Things To Do At Pench Besides Safari

There are various other activities that you do at Pench along with the tiger safari.

Best Time to Visit

Exploring Pench in Summer

Tourists can visit Pench National Park during the summer between March to June. These months are termed as the best for watching tigers. Moreover, the park remains less crowded during these months, and the tigers are seen strolling around the water areas. However, the temperature can rise to 45 degrees Celcius.

Exploring Pench in Monsoon

The monsoon season might not promise you pleasant weather from July to September as it is the wettest time of the year. Even though the roads can be quite muddy, you can still see animals around. Most wild animals are active this season, as you will spot them roaming around the lush greeneries of the vegetation.

Exploring Pench in Winter

The best time to visit Pench National Park is during winter, from November to February. You will experience pleasant weather with temperatures ranging between 10 degrees Celcius to 28 degrees Celcius. This is the ideal time to watch migratory birds from your naked eye. Also, since the vegetation is thinner, it is easier to spot animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Pench Tiger Reserve famous for?

Pench is famous for the Tigress T15, also known as Collarwali, and also for the name “Mataram”. She has given birth to 29 Cubs in seven litters and was one of the most iconic tigresses in Pench. She passed away in January 2023 because of old age.

Q. What are the best zones or gates for Tiger Safari in Pench ?

Turia is the most famous zone in Pench (on the Madhya Pradesh side). However, Khursapar and Sillari zones in the Maharashtra side are also popular for Tiger sightings.

Q. How many safari are required to spot a Tiger in Pench ?

We recommend doing at least six Safaris in Pench. However, if you want to explore the park better, we recommend a 4 to 5 days package at Pench.

Q. What is the best time to vist Pench Tiger Reserve?

The Pench Core Zone can be visited anytime between October and June. During the monsoon from July to September, the core gates are closed, and only the buffer gates are open for tourism.

Q. Is Pench Tiger Reserve open for Safari throughout the year?

Core zones of Pench are open only from October 1 to June 30 every year. But the buffer zone can be explored throughout the year.

Q. What is the best way to reach Pench National Park?

Nagpur is the closest airport and railway station to Pench. You can also visit Pench easily from Jabalpur airport or railway station.

Q. What are the chances of sighting a Tiger in Pench?

Tiger sightings are not guaranteed. We are visiting the forest, where animals are free and can cover more than 15–20 km distance in a night. However, with our expert guides and tiger trackers help, we try our best to track the tigers and their movements during the safari.

Q. What are the type of safari available in Pench ?

Pench Tiger Reserves offer both Open Jeep safaris and Canter safaris, but canter safaris are not available at all the gates.

Q. Is boat safari available in Pench ?

Boat safaris are not available in Pench. A boat ride in Kokha lake is possible if you are visiting Turia zone.

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