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Best Safari Zone in Pench

Pench National Park is a beautiful wildlife reserve located in the heart of India, divided between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is greatly known for the jeep safaris; boat safaris and nature walk to witness the large variety of fauna in Pench. 

The park is a haven for a variety of wildlife species, including:

  • Royal Bengal tigers
  • Indian leopards
  • Sloth bears
  • Wild dogs
  • Sambar deer
  • Chital deer
  • Barking deer
  • Gaur (Indian bison)
  • Indian wolves
  • Over 210 species of birds

What you want to do and what your objectives are determine the appropriate zones. If tigers are your main concern, you could try Turia Zone (MP) or Khursapar Zone (Maharashtra). On the other hand, if you want some solitude, then Karmajhiri Zone (MP) or Sillari Zone (Maharashtra) can be perfect. 

Alternatively, in the case where a wide-ranging yet heterogenous landscape is preferred, Turia Zone (MP), with its blend of plants, waterbodies and fauna offers excellent prospects.

Turia Zone (MP): This is the most popular area due to the high potential of frequent tiger sightings. Turia’s sceneries are astonishing in their variety of forests, water bodies and watering places such as Junewani and Baginnalla that attract large numbers of wild animals.

Khursapar Zone: A highly popular zone in Maharashtra, is celebrated for recurrent tiger sightings due to its proximity to the Turia Zone. It is perfect for a day trip with dense forest cover.

Sillari Zone: This is a less explored zone, and offers a chance to spot tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and birds in a secluded area.

Karmajhiri Zone (MP) and Jamtara Zone (MP): These zones are relatively less crowded and have access to a limited area of the park. However, they offer a peaceful exploration of tigers, deer, leopards, and bird species.


Khawasa and Rukhad zones in Pench National Park are both buffer zones, located outside the core protected area, close to Turia Gate. If other gates are not available, one can opt for these.

Khawasa Buffer Zone (MP): It is also known as the Wolf Sanctuary. Famous for night safaris, open wooded forest suitable for wolves, foxes, porcupines, owls, and other smaller animals.

Rukhad Buffer Zone (MP): This is renowned for its hilly terrain and diverse vegetation (bamboo, Jamun, Arjun trees) and offers jeep safaris and cycling. It acts as a crucial tiger corridor between Pench and Kanha National Parks.