Best Time to Visit Pench

Best Time To Visit Pench


The gorgeous Pench national park gives a refreshing breeze during the winter season. The greenish glow that it acquired during the monsoon season continues in this season too. Winter provides a perfect scenario for those who are landscape photography enthusiasts.

The green carpet created by the trees, combined with the charming fauna, provides an excellent opportunity for clicking amazing wildlife pictures. Seeing the Bengal tigers and other wildlife in pench without sweating is what the months from November to February offer. 


If you are a big fan of Bengal tigers and don't mind the heat, summer is the best time to visit the Pench Tiger Reserve.

It is during this season that you will get a good chance of spotting the Bengal tigers near the water resources where they come to clear their thirst.

The months from mid-March to June are the period when the Bengal tigers hang out near the water sources.


Monsoon is a season that starts the process of making the Pench tiger reserve green. It is during this time, that the flora of pench blossoms, and the sky becomes colourful due to the Rainbow.

However, only the buffer areas of the Pench tiger reserve are open during the monsoon season. Rukhad and Telia are the only buffer zones that are open during the rainy months of July to September.

And these two zones' speciality is that they do offer a great opportunity to inhale the lovely scent of the mud caused by the first rain. It also offers a superb opportunity to capture the photos of the lush green landscape as well as videos of wildlife in the beautiful surroundings and the song of raindrops.

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