Activities in Pench

Activities in Pench

Wondering what other things do Pench national Park offers than watching the fauna in their natural habitat? This is a national park filled with incredible treasure in its bucket. There is more than just going on a morning and night safaris. It is more than going on a canter or jeep safari. The park offers more than just clicking photographs of the wildlife. Keep on reading to see what the 758 Square kilometres of the park offer the following memorable experiences.


Pench national park has an amazing scenario in the sky to watch stars, moon and planets. The clear air in the sky makes it possible to watch them. There are jungle camps from which you can watch them through a telescope

Runi Jhuni Nature Walking Trail

It starts in the Karmajhiri buffer zone. This trail takes 1 to 2 hours to explore the amazing wildlife. It is a beautiful trail to see the amazing wildlife from a close perspective.

Runi Jhuni nature walking trail allows you to witness the play of deers, the songs of birds, and other amazing fauna. You can also spot tiger pugmarks and droppings on this trail.

Pottery Paradise at Pachdhar

It is a village where you will get to learn a lot about Pottery making. More than 90 villagers are in the pottery making business. There are various artistic earthenware and clay utensils that you will get to see. They all are beautifully dangled in the verandas.

When you enter the village, you will see houses coloured blue and white. You can explore the tour on a cycle or a jeep. A cycle will be the best choice to explore the pottery village.

Cycling & Camping In Rukhad

Rukhad buffer zone is the best zone in Pench national park for cycling through the woods and spotting the wildlife. You will get to do the cycling for up to 22 km. You will be amazed to see the incredible landscapes and flora. 

Camping is also one of the famous activities to do in the Rukhad buffer zone. Encompassing a beautiful view of the stars, surrounded by the cold mist and the warmth from the bonfire is the mesmerising experience offered at Pench national park's Rukhad buffer zone.

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