Pench Night Safari

Pench Night Tour: Enjoy The Wolf Safari

Pench tiger reserve offers a very unique kind of safari. It is called the Pench night safari. In this tiger tour, you will get an opportunity to see how the wildlife acts at night. You will get to see the habitat of the rulers of the night. If luck says, you can get to see the actions of the Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, and especially the wolves.

The Pench night safari is also known as the wolf safari. Because at night they are the most active and incredible animals to spot. You can spot them in the Khawasa and the Teliya buffer zones. These zones are open throughout the year. Therefore during the monsoon too the jungle safari is conducted there. 

In the Khawasa and Teliya safari zones, the howls of the Wolf combined with the roars of the Bengal tigers give one a great number of goosebumps on the safari.

Besides the big cats, you can also get an opportunity to spot other mammals like spotted deer, sambar deer, barking deer, blue bulls, foxes, porcupines, chowsingha, etc. 

indian wolf pench night safari

Furthermore, spotting the owls and listening to their hoots is also a mind-blowing safari experience to feel. Spotting the fireflies also gives a charming experience to one's eyes.

Pench night safari is conducted only in the buffer zones from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The safari not only offers wildlife fun but also offers stargazing opportunities. Seeing the sparkling stars in the crystal clear skies is an experience that will make your Pench night safari unforgetful. One can also feel the calmness near the river during the night in the tiger tour. Seeing the reflection of the moon over the river offers a remarkable view. 

However, only a limited number of vehicles are allowed at night in the wolf safari. 3 jeeps can access the buffer zones. 

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